Can you give us any inspiration for a 70’s party please?

This is a question we often get asked here at Mad Hatters Fancy Dress. People get invited to 70s parties or Disco events, and don’t just want to wear the same old flares and wide collared shirts. That’s not to say that an open fronted shirt with a medallion and some close fitting flares cannot look fun and sexy, but sometimes it’s nice to have a change.

The 70s was a colour and disco explosion. You have some cracking bands such as The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Eagles, Abba, The Bee Gees and Queen to mention just a few. Often these bands styles became trend setters too such as The Bay City Rollers with their tartan patch’s and scarves or Bob Marley with his double Denim or relax Leg Trousers.

So if you’re looking for 70s costume ideas with a twist why not get together with some friends and do 1 or 5 Bay City Roller Costumes, or maybe an Abba Cat suit, or how about really Rocking it with the outrageous Kiss costumes.

Big Hair was often the fashion of the 70s, so we recommend huge Afro’s or how about a 70s shag wig. For the ladies the Farrah Fawcett Flick wig, Foxy Afro or long glamour wigs all look fabulous.

The accessories are always important from 70s medallions to Platform shoes, Elvis shades to Big Eyelashes, these small items complete your 70s costumes.

Here at Mad Hatters Fancy Dress we have a huge range of 70s fancy dress and would be more than happy to talk through your new look!

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