My Child wants to have a Farm themed Party, have you got any ideas?

We certainly do. Mad Hatters Fancy Dress holds a good range of adult farm animal costumes, ranging from Roosters to Sheep, Pigs to Donkeys, not to mention the odd horse, cow, or mouse costume. The great thing about a farm themed party is that it can all be based outdoors. You’re not confined by space, so the larger the costumes, the more impact they’ll make, and the more your little ones will enjoy the party. For instance, our Rooster costume and Mother Goose fancy dress, could be easily classified as a mascot costumes. They are big head costume, with a friendly faces and of course are very colourful.

If your children find the mascot head costumes a bit daunting then we do also offer a range of open face costumes, such as our rabbit costume and our sheep. With these costumes you can do face painting and still join in all the fun of the party.

Encourage all the little ones to dress up as well, perhaps doing a farm animal parade. Another great party idea is to make your favourite farm animal masks, or play charades, where they have to act out their particular creature. Straw bales make great seating areas or pens for those animals that become a bit wild.

The most important thing with a farm themed party is to be outside enjoying the fresh air, racing about and don’t forget to bring the bustle and colour of the farm yard to your party.




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