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I’m forever blowing bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air, with my Bubble Gun Toy. Ok so it doesn’t rhyme, but the truth is you can’t beat this great selection of Bubble toys for fun and ease of use. These bubble blowers come in a range of styles, all look fantastic and come with a pot of bubbles free, so you can get started with the fun right away.

Product Description

These Bubble Blowers come in 4 different styles. Choose from Bubble Gun with flashing lights and Glow, Clown Fish Bubble Gun, Blue Dolphin Bubble Gun, Regal Tang Fish Bubble Blower, all Bubble Toy guns include bubble pot and batteries. Extra Bubble pot Mixture can be purchased. You can’t beat bubbles for kids, and we have found, that these bubble blowers are easier for them to handle than trying to blow through a wand.