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Classic 50’s Room Decorating Roll


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Rock N Roll with this fabulous Classic 50’s Room Decorating Roll. This classic 50s Room Roll covers a huge space, quickly and easily themeing your 50s party. This colourful Rock N Roll decoration, harks back to the 50s American Diner look, with its classic black and white chequered pattern and music motif’s. This striking 50s decoration is a cheap and effective way to create a great atmosphere for your Rock N Roll party.

Product Description

This is a Classic 1950’s Rock Roll Party Chequered Music Room Roll .

Each of these fantastic plastic room rolls is approximately 40ft x 4ft in size and features a variety of musical themed illustrations including musical notes and vinyl records on a black and white chequered background.

This stylish scene setter can be used independently or combined with all our other scene setters to create a Rock and Roll themed scene. These are very versatile 50s Party decorations