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YMCA Costumes Village People Fancy Dress Group

From: £141.00 for 5 days hire

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Young Man, there’s no need to feel Down, I said, Young Man Pick yourself off the ground, because we can dress you and your friends to look like this amazing group.

Whether you are a group of young men, or ladies or even a mix we can dress you to look like the village people, so you can strut your stuff on the dance floor.

Product Description

So these YMCA Costumes are utterly unique and perfect for that group of 5 or possibly six.

Imaged here are:

YMCA biker Costume which includes leather look trousers, waistcoat and leather look cap.

YMCA Cowboy Costume which includes chaps, shirt, waistcoat, hat, bandanna and gun and holster.

YMCA Indian Costume which includes fringed trousers, top and or Indian breast plate and of course the huge iconic Indian Headdress.

YMCA Construction Worker fancy Dress which includes checked shirt, dungarees, construction belt and hard hat.

YMCA Cop Costume includes, shirt with badges, trousers, and american cop style hat.

If you need the YMCA Army Costume then just give us a call, and we can add this to your order at the group rate price.

We have these costumes in a variety of combinations to fit both men and women, styles can be adjusted to your individual needs. Book here online and we’ll give you a call to cater your order to your needs, or give us a call on 01580830757 and we will be more than happy to talk you through your order needs.

These YMCA outfits are full of flamboyance and fun, perfect for 70s outfits, or even 80s fancy dress, or Rock and Pop Costumes. For our full range of Music star costumes look HERE.

These unique village people fancy dress, or YMCA Costumes will have the crowds dancing with you.