What is it like Working in a Costume Company?

Ridiculously Rewarding. Working here at Mad Hatters is very stimulating if bizarre! One minute I can be scrubbing mud off gold glittery 70s platforms because someone has been to an awesome sounding party and danced with reckless abandon to Dancing Queen in a field with fairy lights in deepest darkest rural somewhere, and then I’m finding a costume for a charity fundraiser who’s already raised millions of pounds for their cause. The next day, in comes a shy kind of person with no idea who they want to be, who will generally enter the shop, looking a bit sick, like a rabbit caught in your headlights, who’d rather be on the moon with their head in a crater than in a fancy dress shop. I really admire these customers though because of their determination to leave their comfort zone and make an effort for a friend or family member (even though inside they are silently screaming). Because I know not everyone loves dressing up, in fact some people hate it and would rather sit through re-runs of Have I Got News for you, with news so old and so irrelevant you don’t remember it happening in the first place (why Dave why?). But it is so rewarding helping these unsure customers find a costume that makes them feel fabulous. The smile of happiness and the discovery of some confidence and costume love when they’ve found something that they don’t feel like a complete wally in is brilliant. And I know they are going to have a much better time at their event having found a costume and got ‘into it’, because I know, from personal experience that you feel a much bigger fool if you go to an event and you’re the only person there who isn’t in costume!


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