Party Theme Ideas

Finding the perfect party theme for you and your guests is not as easy as it sounds. So after many years experience Mad Hatters Fancy Dress have noted down some fantastic suggestions. Got a great idea of your own? Then let us know and we’ll add it to the list! Party On!


A very good introduction to a variety of costumes that will please everyone. Your guests can come dressed according to the letter of their name or simply a letter of your choice. For example G: glitter shirts/ dresses, genies, glamrock, gambler, go go girls, gorilla’s be as creative as you can be.


For a fabulously colourful evening and exciting new flavours of cuisine try an Arabian Nights themed party. Decorate with vibrant scarves, cushions, and lots of rugs and incense. Belly dancers, genies, sultans, Aladdin’s and harem girls look fabulous and maybe some one will come as the camel!


Once is never enough. If your a Christmas baby then this is a perfect party theme idea for you, as you can celebrate in the summer! Create a winter wonderland get out your ski’s and skates for decoration or try some of our fabulous snow scene setters
Celebrate Christmas the Oz way- why not get those Santa hats, sexy Miss Christmas, and cheeky Elves all nestling around the BBQ!