40 Years after the Death of Elvis

Forty Years after the Death of Elvis, on Aug.16, 1977, Elvis is as popular as ever. Fans flock to Graceland in Memphis, and back in the costume world his iconic Jumpsuits are as busy as ever. We mourn the passing of a great star, the King of Rock and Roll, but every day all over the world his songs are played, tribute singers re-enact his famous voice and party people swivel their hips and snarl their lips as the King might have done in their Elvis Costumes.

We have found the best Elvis costumes are made in America, and that’s why we import our Elvis Jumpsuits with Rhinestone detailing and attached capes to ensure our customers get the best looks. Team these outfit’s up with some platform boots and 70’s shades and you have the iconic look of the “King” himself. We even sell the fabulous Elvis wig with the classic Quiff.

But let’s not leave out the ladies whom I’m sure love Elvis just as much if not more. For you we have a female Elvis jumpsuit, to show off your curves whilst still giving you that instantly recognisable Elvis look. Again team this up with some platforms and Rock ‘n’ Roll the night away.

Elvis may have left the building but his memory lives on both in our hearts and in our love of music. Party on people.

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