• Adult Piggy Back Costume Monkey Carry-Me Fancy Dress
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Adult Piggy Back Costume Monkey Carry-Me Fancy Dress

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Step into this all-in-one plush monkey costume; and get a piggy back from an ape! This makes a great Jungle Party costume, to get up to mischief in. You’ll be the cheekiest guest at your upcoming animal themed party, or even a stag do in this ride-on-monkey costume. Now, where are the bananas at?

With padded trouser legs; you may fool some into thinking a real monkey is giving you a lift around the party! With green leaves protecting your monkey pal’s dignity; this costume is sure to bring a smile to everyone at your event.

A great costume to monkey around in.

One size fits most.

Product Description

Adult Piggy Back Costume Monkey Carry-Me Fancy Dress

Costume Includes

  • Jumpsuit

100% Polyester

This Hilarious Adult Carry-Me Monkey Costume is perfect for those who like to stand out from the crowd and have a good giggle.  It features a step in plush monkey suit with the monkeys body and stuffed legs dangling from the waist and features 2 Monkey hands grabbing on to the legs with your upper body exposed, giving the comical effect that the monkey is giving you a Piggyback!
Please note that the T-shirt is not included!!

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